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The Future Looks Bright

We Make Superior OLED Technology

Funders and Supporters

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Modern Lighting Technology

Modern Electronics are Expensive and Inefficient

We have global problems with rapidly deteriorating power grid infrastructure and recycling electronic waste. Lighting consumes about 20% of the world’s electricity supply. Lighting technology currently relies on scarce, toxic, and inefficient raw materials mined in countries such as China and Russia.

We need to have a supply of abundant, non-toxic, recyclable and locally sourced materials to produce the next generation of efficient lighting technology, such as OLEDs, with up to 50% less energy consumption of traditional lighting technology.

Modern Organic LEDs

Modern Organic LEDs have Several Limitations

Modern Organic LEDs (OLEDs) are part of the solution to the global energy crisis taxing power grids. However, there are a number of limitations to existing technology which makes it costly and difficult to mass produce OLEDs.

  1. Complicated designs with up to 20 layers of materials.

  2. May contain scarce materials such as Iridium.

  3. Complicated designs and scarce materials, slows down manufacturing and increases costs.

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The Margik Difference

Making the First Low-Cost, High Volume OLED Platform

Margik is striving to become the world’s first low-cost, high volume OLED platform. The Margik difference is a materials that enables several functional benefits, offering an improvement over existing OLED technology.

  1. Carefully designed multi-functional organic materials.

  2. Refined charge transport materials.

  3. Unique proprietary design and implementation of devices.


Alexander Wissner-Gross

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"In the future, every physical surface will be intelligent and programmable, and Margik is a key enabler for that future."

Reified, Managing Director

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